Posted by: Mark | July 19, 2016

One More Movie; Two More Gerbils

For the first time in years, I had parts in a movie recognized on IMDB. One was a zombie that survived to the end; the other was a guard that didn’t. It’s my fourth corrupt guard/cop role but the first time I was a zombie.

Two more baby gerbils started squeaking yesterday. Time to invest in a boa.

Posted by: Mark | July 15, 2016

So Many Babies

2016-07-15 17.25.29

Not a huge surprise but Squirrelley and Snowball had another baby. I was thankful it was only one this litter.

2016-07-15 17.23.11

Snowball’s first albino grandchild is doing well. His/her eyes are open except when I try to take a picture.

2016-07-15 17.21.06

Then I find that a group of Squirrelley and Snowball’s children had yet another litter. I am not as good at determining gender as I once thought. One or all of these could also be albino. I’ll find out in a few days when their hair sprouts.

Posted by: Mark | July 13, 2016

Top 100 List of Top 100 Lists

When I was a kid, science fiction books often had checklists at the end of “Books You May Also Enjoy.” I was too dumb to see this as a marketing ploy so I always checked if I’d read any of the titles listed. When I was really young, I hardly recognized a single book but, after a while, I could check off the majority.

Those checklists are gone now but there are always top 100 lists. Here’s a Top 10 list of top 100 lists. I could have done worse.

I read 36 of the Time list, 24 from the Book Riot list, nine from the UK bestsellers (I’m not bothered by that), five from the nonfiction list, 26 from the librarians, 43 from the Modern Library, 12 from the most influential, 21 from Goodreads, and 19 from the World Literature. I didn’t even check the Entertainment Weekly.

Many of the books I would like to read eventually but some didn’t look worth the time.  Maybe if I’m the sole survivor of WWII as long as I don’t break my glasses.

Posted by: Mark | July 11, 2016


2016-07-11 23.16.58

I’ve owned guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, and mice but never rats. Many people have told me they make great pets but when I was in seventh grade, a wild rat tried to bite my face off. I’ve held rats since then but I don’t think I’ll ever own one.

Posted by: Mark | July 8, 2016


2016-07-08 20.22.41

Lichen is weird, a combination of algae (or bacteria) and fungus but it doesn’t live like either of its composite parts. It’s like a dandelion puff landing on a horse and the two of them changing into a ball of fire that lives on neutrinos.

On a lighter note, the baby albino gerbil and two of the three crayfish are still doing fine. I might be on track for a new job but no word yet.

Posted by: Mark | July 2, 2016

Non-Update II

I’m holding off from posting resolution updates until I have enough progress to make it worth it. I did break 30,000 words for the year. I should have about 60,000 words to be on pace for my resolutions of 120,000 for the year. I still have a chance but it’s getting less likely by the minute.

Posted by: Mark | June 30, 2016

Albino Gerbil

2016-06-30 22.44.17

Snowball, the original gerbil, has fathered dozens of babies. Most are brown like their mom but a few have been a combination of black, brown, and white. One set of children had a litter on June 21 and for the first time, there’s been an albino baby. I never really considered it but it appears albinism is a recessive trait. I’m just hoping the parents don’t eat him.

2016-06-30 22.43.10

Posted by: Mark | June 21, 2016

More and More Babies

2016-06-21 22.36.00

The bad parent gerbils had another litter. The last time their babies were almost weaned before they chewed the babies’ tails and hind legs off. Outside of Florida, humans hardly ever do that.

The picture above is of one of the babies from June 12, children of Snowball and Squirrelley, who rarely eat their children. Newborn gerbils are pretty much indistinguishable so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Posted by: Mark | June 19, 2016


Another bad week. I’m hoping for a change of employment this week but the odds are long.

On the brighter side, here’s a low quality picture of a double rainbow from a few days ago.



Posted by: Mark | June 13, 2016

Resolution Update Update

Normally I go over all ten resolutions but I’ve done so little that it wouldn’t be worth it.

I added a few hundred words of creative writing, ran 1.1 miles, and added Philodendron, Tetra Glofish, and Sweet Potato.

I’m going to try for better this week but I don’t have great expectations.

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