Posted by: Mark | May 22, 2017

Rent a Hero / Lord of the Rings

At Campbell County Library Game Day, I tried Rent a Hero, a superhero card game. It was easy to learn but really wasn’t as engaging as Uno. The superheroes barely fit the definition  (and how hard is it to come up with parody superheroes?) Unless you buy everything “super,” I’d try it before buying it.

I felt the same way about Lord of the Rings : Journey to Mordor. It’s a dice game that’s quick and fairly easy but I don’t feel any desire to play it again.

I missed on a chance to play Zombicide which looked much better. Maybe next time.

Posted by: Mark | May 21, 2017

2000th Post

Post 2000.

I’ll take it.

Posted by: Mark | May 21, 2017

Posting like it’s 1999

Back in January 2009 I deleted the old Rambler blog and decided to quit blogging.

On January 21 I started again with this one. After almost eight and a half years, I’m almost at 2,000.

Not much of a milestone but, the common motif of this blog has been, I take what I can get.

Posted by: Mark | May 20, 2017

Resolution Update 21

As the year has been, this week wasn’t bad:

1. Run 730 miles – 5.1 miles on the elliptical machine for a total of 65.1 miles.

2. 5,000 push ups and 8,000 leg lifts – 636 push ups and 600 leg lifts.

3. Lose 26 pounds – No weigh in again.

4. Support 24 local artists – went to the Anderson Band Concert. I did it earlier in the year so I’m just 22 down.

5. 42 manuscript submissions – 19 submissions.

6. Write 40,000 words and five new stories – 18,139 words and four completed stories.

7. Read all the New Testament – Complete.

8. Read The Nature of Things – haven’t started.

9. Finish Finnegan’s Wake – On page 409, 131 pages to finish.

10. 300 blog posts – this is #82.

Posted by: Mark | May 19, 2017

Completion List : The Last Detective

This has been a week for finishing up tv shows. The Last Detective isn’t diametrically opposite of Get a Life but it’s pretty close.

The Last Detective stars Peter Davison who I remember best as Tristan from All Creatures Great and Small (I was devastated to learn that this makes me average–Davison says he’s recognized by far more Americans as Tristan than the Doctor).

I haven’t read any of the novels the series is based on but the investigations are more along the lines of Ed McBain than Agatha Christie. That is a nice break from shows like Sherlock that make every mystery alter the fate of the universe.

The show ended after the fourth series on a decent spot for a conclusion but it could have gone on much longer. I would be happy to see an American adaptation even knowing what Hollywood might do to it.

Posted by: Mark | May 17, 2017

Completion List : Get A Life

From 1990 to 1992, Chris Elliot starred in a show about a 30-year-old paperboy. It took The Simpsons’ old time slot on Fox when Homer went head to head against Bill Cosby. Like Police Squad, I remember people disliking Get a Life for being too silly. Unlike Police Squad, it never gained popularity after cancellation with a Naked Gun-esque revival.

I saw most episodes when the show first aired but I watched the DVDs to be sure. I was surprised how cheap the outdoor sets looked. Louis CK’s old show Lucky Louie had cheap looking sets too but I can’t remember any as bad since the 1970s. That shouldn’t be a big deal but I wasn’t expecting it.

I remembered most episodes very well, in some cases word for word. I didn’t remember there being as many sex jokes but what really surprised me was the smoking. Who smokes anymore on tv besides East European sex traffickers and family member soon to be diagnosed with cancer?

After the show was cancelled, Elliott and the show’s co-creator teamed up for the movie Cabin Boy. I was one of the seven people who saw it in theater. What did The Naked Gun movies have that Cabin Boy didn’t?  Besides a pre-murderous O.J. Simpson? And a lot more jokes?

I have the complete Dilbert animated series on DVD where Elliott voices Dogbert. I’ve probably seen every episode at least once but I’m too lazy right now to check.

Posted by: Mark | May 15, 2017

Finnegans Wake : Chapter 14

I’ve picked up the pace of my reading but it didn’t help my comprehension.

Chapter 14 was short but full of references in dozens of languages that I barely recognized.  Chapter 15 is longer but looks slightly more accessible. The last two chapters are fairly short.

After at least 14 failures to finish the novel, it looks like I might make it this time.

Posted by: Mark | May 14, 2017

Mechanics of Eating Babies

On May 5 a couple of bad gerbil parents killed several of their babies. I’m not sure if this is done intentionally or not. A spinning exercise wheel is a death trap to eyeless, hairless babies. Unlike hamsters who chomp into a baby’s head for no reason, I have no proof any gerbil deliberately killed their young.

They definitely do eat babies despite having plenty of food. Today I found a baby with multiple deep bites all over its corpse. There was no blood so I’m guessing the body was long dead when bitten.

But is that right? I have no idea about blood distribution in newborn gerbils or humans.

It’s starting to worry me that they’re awake at night when I sleep.

Posted by: Mark | May 13, 2017

Resolution Update 20

I should have done more this week but things aren’t a complete loss:

1. Run 730 miles – Once again,no change. 60 miles.

2. 5,000 push ups and 8,000 leg lifts – 592 push ups and 550 leg lifts.

3. Lose 26 pounds – No weigh in.

4. Support 24 local artists – now 20 weeks of nothing.

5. 42 manuscript submissions – 19 submissions.

6. Write 40,000 words and five new stories – 17,887 words and four completed stories.

7. Read all the New Testament – Complete.

8. Read The Nature of Things – haven’t started.

9. Finish Finnegan’s Wake – On page 402 seven pages until the end of the chapter, 138 to finish.

10. 300 blog posts – this is #77.

Posted by: Mark | May 12, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy / Movies since 2015 II

After no movies in 2016 and only one in 2015, we saw the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie only a matter of weeks after Lego Batman.

Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad nearly killed my will to see superhero movies but Guardians made up for the Marthas.

In the 80s if someone told me that Howard the Duck would have another shot on screen with Mantis, Ego the Living Planet, and a talking raccoon, I might have believed it but not that the movie wouldn’t bankrupt the studio.

I have the first appearances of Rocket and Groot in the Marvel Comics canon and didn’t think much of either at the time. I also have the first appearance of Killer Croc and thought he’d be an A-list intelligent villain. Poor Croc, Lucky Rocket and Groot.

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