Posted by: Mark | December 19, 2014


It took longer than I expected,  but I finally made ran/elliptical machined 2,100 miles. If I were braver, I’d try to get to 2,200 by year’s end, but I don’t think that will happen.

That’s the distance between Cincinnati and Victorville,  California (technically,  it’s 1,832 miles as the crow flies,  but the shortest distance by car is 2 101).

Posted by: Mark | December 18, 2014

Three Millipedes of Christmas

20141218_095649Years ago I sent off for three millipedes. Often I wouldn’t see one in their tank for weeks on end, but when I searched the substrate for their corpses, I found them perfectly fine.  At one point they numbered about 15 to 20, but lately their numbers are down. I rarely see more than one, but today three were climbing on their food dish.  I’m not sure if they were hungry, lazy, or waiting for Santa.  I’m just glad they have a stable population.


Posted by: Mark | December 17, 2014

2014: Another Dumb Year

The Resolution/What happened: 12 monthly resolutions:

1. Visit a new library.  Did it in March.

2. Visit four notable places. Didn’t do this one.

3. Support five local artists.  Bought Revelation Trail DVD, an album from the Whiskey Shambles,  a book from Frederick Brown,  and two from me a couple days ago.

4. Attend a SF convention. Did in April and October.

5. Not eat any fast food.  Never did it.

6. Sent out 25 resumes.  Sent 94 in September.

7. Not eat any junk food.  Never did it.

8. Eat five new fruits/vegetables.  Did it in January.

9. Read a work from the Lifetime Reading List.  Read the Koran in May.

10. Plant ten plants. July.

11. Do push ups and sit ups every day for a month.  August.

12. Repeat an earlier resolution.  Went to a new library in June.

13. Repeat an earlier resolution II. See #4.

14. Resolution tba. February. Did 3,005 push ups.

15. Resolution tba II. Ran 26.2 miles at once in November.

Will I do it again: Not exactly the same but something close

Posted by: Mark | December 16, 2014

New Gerbil

20141216_172510Here’s Squirrelly, the new gerbil. He’s the first normally colored gerbil I’ve had in 34 years.

Posted by: Mark | December 16, 2014

Out of the Dark Ages

My life has been somewhat out of control lately but two things of note happened yesterday:

1. I bought a new phone, my second mobile phone ever. I got the first one back in November of 2009. I hope this one lasts almost as long.

2. I heard the first song that was identified as being sung by Nickleback. After all the insults and jokes I’ve heard, I was expecting something much worse.

Posted by: Mark | December 13, 2014

2014: Another Dumb Year

The Resolution:

Despite still being short on my blogging resolution, I’m combining two resolutions, create five art works and three video projects, in this post.

What Happened:

I tried a couple art projects but most fell through. Eventually I flipped a coin to include video work (so I can’t justify splitting these posts). I worked on NKU projects documenting the Animation and Gaming Convention, the Fur Reality Convention, and an interview with the artists behind Ringtail Cafe Comics. I appeared in a Campbell County Family Game Day video and a patent law video for the NKU and Cincinnati Libraries. I am going to be in a fan film, Superman: Year One (that’s beem postponed until next spring but I looked over and critiqued the script so I’m counting it). I also drew a goofy poster and made a game board that involves live hamsters. Okay, weird but it covers the two resolutions.

Will I Do It Again:

I’m going to combine the resolutions and shoot for five video projects in 2015. I like the idea of art work but I’ll hold off on it until 2016 at the least.

Posted by: Mark | December 12, 2014

Completion List: Warehouse 13

Recently I’ve added at least one new show to my completion list. I’m sure about.Warehouse 13, but I can’t tell you for sure about Psych. I’ve looked at episode guides of Psych but they all run together. I have to put it in the gray area of “Most Likely Completed” like Gilligan’s Island and The Munsters.

With Warehouse 13, I’m positive. I saw the first episode a long while back and lost interest but later got hooked on it. (Basically the same as Star Trek: Next Generation.)

I don’t think anyone took Warehouse 13 completely serious, especially the show’s producers. Their funny episodes actually were funny (basically the opposite of Star Trek: Next Generation).

Like Psych and Farscape, Warehouse 13 referenced pop culture without openly pandering. I’m not sure if the writers of Warehouse 13 have a clue of how computer.hacking (or anything technical) works but their depictions advanced the plot, so I didn’t care

The last season was running out of steam but that’s about par for tv. I’ll probably watch the series again but mainly the middle seasons.

Posted by: Mark | December 11, 2014

Blood and Boris

The number of rodents in my house refuses to remain stable. This morning when cleaning their cages, I found Boris the dwarf Russian hamster dead. Their lifespans, like their bodies, are shorter than Syrian hamsters. It’s the Lion King’s circle of life and all that, but so many dead pets gets depressing after a while.

I gave blood for the second time this year. Back in college, I donated all the time but once I started working, I never got around to it. After September 11, the demand was so high that I wasn’t able to schedule an appointment until October 2. It wasn’t for another 13 years to the day, this October 2, that I donated again. I was looking for replacement New Year Resolutions and donating blood would be a good one.

Posted by: Mark | December 10, 2014

Spoke Too Soon

As I was leaving, a student rushed in, not just to turn in a paper but to make up the test from last Friday.

I’ll leave sooner or later.

UPDATE:  Just before I hit “Publish,” another student waltzed in. I’m hoping that’s the last.

Posted by: Mark | December 10, 2014

Final Exam: Out of Here

One student dropped by. A few must be content with incompletes. I’ll try not to worry about it over break.

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